I’m almost a Chartered Pro in HR.

I like to do yoga.

I study my wines almost as often as I drink them. One day I’ll be a Master Sommelier.

I bought a display model super-automatic espresso machine 5 years ago. Best $430 I ever spent.

I like writing. I think I like blogging too.

I like to host a good party.

I once ran an artwork business doing commissioned pencil/charcoal portraits.

I worked in psychology, microbiology/biochemistry, and analytical chemistry labs. But my real passion is stats and psychometrics. Show me data, and I’ll show you an intense amount of laser-like focus.

Above all, I like to give advice. Lots of it. Especially when it hasn’t been asked for. I mean, isn’t that why people talk about their problems..?

Life is hard, so laughter shouldn’t be.